F.A.Q.: Frequent Asked questions


Which are the available payment methods? Is payment always safe?
  • Payment method occurs through bank transfer, informations will be sent after purchasing intent.
  • Payments occur through two totally trusted credit institutions.


How long for the item to be available?
  • If in the description of the item you see “immediately available” this means that the watch is in our shop and can be shipped in a very few time. Otherwise we can order it and it will be available in 25/30 days.
What are the delivery time and the shipping times?
  • For an available watch 48 hours from bank transfer receipt.
  • For a watch to order the delay is about 25-30 days from the payment of a 20% in advance.
Shipping costs vary from the watch’s price and destination:
  • Delivery in Italy: € 35,00
  • Delivery in EC countries: € 70,00
  • Delivery outside EC boudaries: € 120,00
Up to 10.000,00 euro Insurance charged to Paradiso Luxury
  • Above 10.000,00 euro 2% insurance fees will apply.
Which shipping company delivers the items?
  • All watches are shipped through DHL insured delivery
Can I track the shipping?
  • Of course, we will provide a tracking number through emai as soon as we dispatch the item.


Which kind of warranty will I have on my watch?
  • On a new watch there’s a 2 year warranty provided from the mother company
  • On a pre-owned watch we will provide a warranty with the same value as the mother company’s.


What if I want to return my order? Who pays for returning charges?
  • The customer pays the charges
How long to get my payment back?
  • As soon as we get the watch back we will return the bank transfer/li>

Other questions

What if the watch has mechanical issues?
  • If it’s an automatic movement watch please be sure to have read all the informations on the manual and to have used it correctly.
L’orologio ha tutte le parti originali?
  • Paradiso Luxury garantisce sempre l’originalità dei pezzi che mette in vendita.
  • In caso di problemi è possibile richiedere una perizia per accertarne la validità.
Is the box genuine?
  • On new watches we always will give you the original box.
  • On pre-owned watches if the watch doesn’t have the box we will write it in the description.

If it’s a pre-owned watch:

Is the watch in guaranteed sales condition?
  • A pre-owned watch is always inspected in our workshop prior to be put on sale.
  • Paradiso Luxury offer a 2 year warranty on any pre-owned watch.
How long does it take to have a watch repaired? It depends on the damage evaluation:
  • if the damage can be repaired in our workshop we will strive to return it within 14 days.
  • if the damage is serious and needs to be repaired by the mother-house it will need about 40 days (usually 60) to be returned.