Paradiso Luxury LAB

In the last years we increasingly realized that when you buy a watch in our shop or online, you need a customer service which can easily and efficiently service and repair your timepiece giving further warranty on the result.

Therefore we decided to create our very personal workshop with skilled technicians who repair, polish and inspect the brands which Paradiso Luxury is dealer of.

With the Paradiso Luxury Assistance Lab you get

  • Your watch repaired or polished within two weeks from delivery
    (unless it has to be shipped to the mother company, for which the delay can be longer and is no longer our concern)
  • A 2 year warranty on services
  • A workshop with genuine parts and specific tools for every brand and model
  • We will use eco-friendly cleansers which won’t damage galvanic finished parts
  • Work procedures according with official manufacture’s protocols
  • All parts worked on without alteration by the watchmaker.